photo by  Erik Paredes Photography

photo by Erik Paredes Photography

Katya started her passion as a child, making use of countless disposable cameras that she would take to school and document the day to day lives of her peers. As a teenager she continued to practice her passion as a hobby by buying her very own digital camera when she was 15 years old and eventually her first DSLR at 16 years old.

Her college studies consisted mostly of Cinema & Film studies, gaining her a DEC in Communications from Vanier College. However, family and friends pointed out that her true talent lied in what was simply a hobby for most of her life. She finally decided to pursue a DEC in Professional Photography at Dawson College and graduated on the Honor Roll.

Katya is currently working out of Montreal mainly as a cosplay photographer attending various comic book, video game and anime conventions in the Quebec and Ontario areas. She also has been accepting fashion, portraits and editorial contracts.